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in·teg·ri·ty /inˈteɡrədē/ noun

the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

ex. "They are known to be a person of integrity with a strong moral compass"

Similar: honesty, uprightness, honor, good character, principle(s), ethics, morals

Integrity Sober Living was founded by two individuals in long-term recovery from substance use disorder, with almost a decade of sober living management experience.  Our team members possess an industry-leading leading expertise in addiction treatment, aftercare planning, family support, alternative healing modalities and recovery fellowships.  Integrity Sober Living provides an innovative approach to long-term recovery. 

Integrity's Cape Cod sober home is directly connected to area treatment centers, a robust recovery community,  healing centers and modalities.



Integrity Sober Living strives to provide a secure and supportive environment in which individuals have the opportunity to be successful in their journey towards long-term recovery. By offering compassionate care, skilled guidance, and a community of support, Integrity Sober Living helps its residents achieve long-term recovery from substance use disorder. In a positive atmosphere of mutual respect, Integrity Sober Living encourages health and wellness for everyone involved, preparing them for sustained abstinence and an improved quality of life for years to come.


At Integrity Sober Living, we believe that recovery is about more than just ending substance use. It's about taking an active approach to wellness by incorporating tools such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, fitness, and utilizing the power of community bonding to support one another on their journey towards better physical and mental health. This vision has inspired us to provide Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts with a luxury sober living experience – one that emphasizes strong interpersonal connections as well as self-care practices. In order to help residents reclaim their lives from drugs and alcohol, our goal is to bridge the gap between recovery and true healing.  Integrity Sober Living provides the opportunity to achieve true, lasting recovery from substance use, surrounded by people who understand what it takes.

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